Other Information

International students shall have to abide by all the rules and the code of conduct as applicable to the Indian students of the University.

Change of Course & Transfers
An international student, who has been granted admission to a particular course at the University, shall be allowed to change the course as per the University norms.
Transfer from one institution in India to another is ordinarily not allowed. In exceptional cases, the Students’ Counselling Centre may permit this, based on the eligibility rules and subject to the approval of the Management of the University.

Examination and Award of Degree
The procedure for examination, payment of examination fee, issuance of marks list, passing certificates and award of degrees will be the same as that for the Indian student at the University.

Refund policy
The decision pertaining to the refund of fees will be at the discretion of the Management of the University.

English Language Support for the International Students
The Department of English and Foreign Languages at The IIS University offers need-based programmes, customized to equip the international students, from non-English speaking countries, with the English Language requirements for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programmes.

Admission to Part Time Courses
International students who enroll themselves for full time courses in any other institution can be given admission to the part time courses only if they

  1. hold a valid visa for the duration of the part time course (separate visa is not required); and
  2. fulfill the prescribed eligibility qualifications for the course.